Medior/Senior Full-Stack Developer TypeScript / Vue.js / Node.js

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Full-stack Developer
Medior, Senior

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We’re looking for at least three new family members to join us as soon as possible.

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You have experience in building web applications and you understand the importance of UX/UI. You’re precise and eager to learn new things in a dynamic environment. Work hard, play hard is not only our motto, but also yours.

Uw profiel

● Minimum 3 years experience in web development

● JavaScript - TypeScript expert

● Experience with HTML and CSS

● Experience with Node.js

● Experience with Vue.js

● Experience with NPM or Yarn

● Experience with Webpack, Rollup or other platforms

● Experience with REST APIs and OAuth

In deze baan vindt u:

Specialisme & Invloed & (Financiële) beloning

Wat we bieden

A place at our company table. This is your chance to join a team of professional, dynamic and ambitious experts that believe in the power of continuous (co-)learning. You can make a difference. Join us and together we’ll shape the future, our future.

● Salary package: competitive

● Location: Adolf Baeyensstraat 53, 9040 Gent

● Full-time: 38h / week

Over ons

We are a fast-growing Ghentian company who specializes in online ordering for the hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, hotels, …) and the event business (stadiums, festivals, …). For real, we are ‘growing like cabbages’ with new customers joining us every day and that’s why we are expanding our software engineering team. We’re looking for at least three new family members to join us as soon as possible.

Team-oriented and with a hands-on mentality is how we roll. We believe mutual reinforcement is the key to keep growing as a company, as a team and as a person (not only by code reviews, but also by taking our time to enjoy after-work pleasures). Moreover, you’ll get the chance to develop and apply your skills directly with the management team. We’re building on our future all together.

Onze locatie

Adolf Baeyensstraat 53 Gent

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