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Front-end Developer
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Are you the test minded developer we’re looking for? Do you like to help design and build a new product that helps organizations improve? Are you not scared off by a wide range of technologies? Then come and help our Orangebeard grow!

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We’re looking for a good front-end developer, preferably someone with some Ops expertise. You have a bachelor’s degree, or you think and act like someone who does. You know JavaScript very well and you keep track of all the current and future developments in the front-end world. You have experience with developing desktop web applications for different browsers and you know the React framework well, or you have an equivalent amount of experience with one of the more popular frontend frameworks which are used nowadays. You can read YAML (who can’t ;) ) -  and you have at least some knowledge of Kubernetes or Openshift.  It would be great if you have some experience with cloud hosting. Oh, and continuous delivery. No hype, we promise! We release to production five times a day.    

It’s not that a big deal to you in case you’re not familiar with one of these technologies because you have a wide-ranging interest and pick up new stuff quickly! You ask critical questions and are not too elitist to do whatever it takes to get that important new feature to production.

We’re a fast-growing fast-moving organization, with lots of room for growth in the direction you want. Go Orange or go home!

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In short, we’re looking for a front-end developer who has some experience or interest in ops and testing. You find yourselfs familiar with multiple parts of our technology stack. Your English is fluent, both spoken and written and preferable the same with respect to your Dutch language.

Our technology stack: 

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • NPM
  • Redux
  • Kubernetes
  • Helm
  • Google Cloud
  • Gitlab (CI)
  • Github Actions
  • Jenkins
  • FitNesse
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot
  • Axon

In deze baan vindt u:

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Wat we bieden

  • competitive market salary
  • a permanent contract
  • 8 days a year to develop yourself. Whether it concerns training, gaining knowledge, visiting or attending an event. Both days and costs are reimbursed
  • a good retirement benefit plan
  • a mobility allowance that you can use in the way you like
  • a budget for a laptop and telephone of your choice 
  • do you have a student debt with your current employer? In most cases we take over.
  • 26 days off. And, the longer you are employed, the more days off you will earn.

Over ons

At Orangebeard, we take two things very seriously: testing and beards. We are living in a world where continuous integration and continuous delivery are the norm. Because we all want to deliver software faster, more effectively and more efficiently. One of the biggest bottlenecks holding us back is the long time it takes to run tests. Unstable UI tests, irrelevant integration tests; how efficient are we really? That got us thinking: How can we ensure that we only test what really needs to be tested, without losing track of the goal of testing: ensuring quality.  

With this in mind, the bearded men (and none-bearded women) secretly got to work on building a service that would make the testing process incredibly efficient. A dashboard that laymen can understand, as well as provide the details for experts. Information that helps you improve your test set. A tool that will help you optimize your continuous delivery pipeline, without losing track of quality.

The company stands for our Dutch down-to-earth mentality. We’re always in for a laugh but there is of course also a lot of work to be done as well. We want to help you and your company to do this work more efficiently and get in control (again). We want to be clear in what we will and won’t do, and what we can and cannot achieve with our tooling. We are only satisfied when you are! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We are all ears (and maybe some beards)

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