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Bachelor (BE)
€2.000 - €3.500
23 Vakantiedagen
Auto van de zaak
Agency / consultancy
25-50 Medewerkers
Gem. 30 Gem.
Blastic is looking for an awesome Front-end Developer!

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Front-end Developer Koen:

"Enabling companies to create unique and inspirational digital customer experiences, that is what I like to do. Bringing back-end, design and SEO flawlessly together through creativity and persistence is how I realise this. I’m here to ensure that the message of our customers is presented accurately on a website which works quickly and feels intuitive.

Converting designs into responsive layouts through code (HTML, JS, CSS, …) and giving them the ultimate usability on every screen, in every browser. This means I’m patiently optimising every detail: testing, testing and did I mention testing?

In the next few years, I believe our job will shift towards Headless CMS. I’m viewing this as an evolution of the traditional CMS via the As a Service principle. When we meet up, this will be my first question: how do you believe Headless will impact Front-End jobs, if at all?"

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  • JavaScript
  • React / Angular / Vue
  • Service Workers & PWAs
  • Headless CMS
  • Testing

What drives me in my job

  • Deliverying Experiences
  • Constant challenge, 'pressure' and variation
  • Open communication, with a great team!
  • Freedom and work/life balance

I'm turned off by

  • Messy or overengineered code
  • 'One size fits all' - projects
  • 9-to-5 mentality


  • Quality
  • Personal growth
  • Creativity
  • Focus & persistence
  • Performance optimization
  • Agility & adaptability

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Wat we bieden

  • Quality
  • Personal growth
  • Creativity
  • Focus & persistence
  • Performance optimization
  • Agility & adaptability

Over ons


Your digital platform should support the management of modular content. We deliver CMS implementations to create, manage and personalize modular intelligent content.



We implement strategic (e)commerce systems to sell your products or services online whether it’s in B2B, B2C or B2B2C.



Digital customer service is key in to deliver a good customer experience, enabling you as an organization to get insights from analyzing the interactions in order to optimize your customer’s experience.



Link your web application, portal or web shop to the right tools to deliver your brand identity and draw attention to your products and services and boost conversion.

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 33A Edegem

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