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We are looking for a candidate that has experience with building C # applications (in Azure), who wants to work according to the scrum methodology and likes to become part of an ambitious development team in a startup.

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Your work consists of co-developing a SaaS solution for the EV market. You get the chance to add your own input to the product and you will work with the latest (cloud-based) techniques. You are part of a Scrum-team during the development of the product. You are actively involved in the daily stand-up where you ask for and offer help. After the standup you determine how you will technically solve your task. Using the Azure standard solutions wherever possible is your preference, but if needed, you see customization as a challenge.

Uw profiel

• You have at least a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, or a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science.

• Knowledge of software development in C # .Net, and Web services is a must 

• At least 2 years’ experience as software developer

• Experience with Visual Studio and / or Azure Dev-Ops 

• Experience with microservices architecture and CI / CD is an advantage

• Experience with large volume transaction processing is beneficial 

• You enjoy working with SCRUM

• You are enthusiastic and have perseverance; together with your team you work towards a great software product.

• We value a high level of integrity, motivation, transparency and curiosity

In deze baan vindt u:

Diepgang & Structuur & Zelfstandigheid & Energie

Wat we bieden

• Work on a new product using modern techniques, with modern tools and platforms.

• Working with fun colleagues in a scrum team on a brand-new product

• For us to trust in you and in your work 

• Flexibility; determine your working hours yourself, in consultation 

• A compact company with short reporting lines, which you are a part of from the start 

• Good primary and secondary employment conditions in line with the market standard

Over ons

The team behind Deftpower bring a decade's worth of experience in the electric car charging business together in a single platform for EV charging. Today, electric car charging is entering a new phase. Everything is integrated and any business can join the game. And so can you.

Most businesses struggle to break through the complexity and unlock the potential of electric cars. Deftpower aims to change that. With the right support, customers can be happier, businesses more profitable, and society cleaner. Together, we are building the largest and smartest EV charging platform.

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Stationsplein 160 Arnhem

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